Young civil society leaders work to strengthen local democracy in Tunisia

Twenty-three young leaders of different professional backgrounds gathered from across five governates for the third session of the Young Leaders for Local Democracy programme delivered by DRI Tunisia. For four days, from 24 to 27 October, the participants were able to deepen their knowledge of human rights, rule of law and democracy.

The young leaders learned about the fundamentals of human rights and were able to study real life examples from history, from the First World War to the new Tunisian Constitution. They also put their knowledge into practice in simulations inspired from their everyday work to promote youth participation in local democracy.

Young leaders learning more about the history of Human Rights during a simulation

Participants were exposed to situations that can challenge them professionally, such as the state of emergency and the absence of a Constitutional Court in Tunisia. This was followed by a debate about the role of justice and its independence to guarantee the rule of law. Amal Chtourou from Sfax highlighted the importance of the simulation to better dive into the topic and Wissem Omrani from Tozeur gave real examples from his work with “The Hive”, a local civil society group working to promote youth participation in the democratic process.

This session was also an opportunity for the DRI team to present and talk about subgrants that will be given to participants to support their small projects promoting local democracy and youth participation in their respective cities. The small projects will be implemented from January 2020 onwards and will go on for approximatively four months.

The DRI team presented a subgrants information session

DRI Tunisia promotes youth participation in local democracy initiatives and wants to give young civil society leaders the right tools to better support Tunisian democracy.

This activity is part of a series of training sessions targeting young civil society leaders all over Tunisia and is part of a project supported by the Swiss Cooperation Agency.

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