Ukraine’s High Council of Justice: Cosmetic changes or a real reform? (infographic)

Ukraine’s High Council of Justice (HCJ) is a the highest constitutional body in the judiciary system of the country. It approves, rejects or disqualifies candidates for the positions of judges that were proposed to the President. HCJ is also the solely authorised body to decide on disciplinary measures against judges and public prosecutors. Its legal basis is specified in the Ukrainian Constitution, whereas its functions are regulated in detail by a separate statute. In 2016, both the relevant constitutional provisions and the statute were revised and changed as part of the Ukraine’s judiciary overhaul.

Our infographic highlights the most important changes. The reform increased the powers of the HCJ and changed its composition. The practice will show if the reform improved the quality, transparency and independence of the work of the HCJ, the members of which are still mainly (ex) judges.


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