The School of Young Leaders (Timeline)


The School of Young Leaders is a series of trainings to encourage public participation in decision-making and to strengthen the local democracy with representatives of youth NGOs and active students of Vinnytsia city and region. After taking the motivation of the applicants into account 15 young people have been chosen to take part in the three-month programme.

The school is aimed at building leadership skills and developing sustainability of civic organizations. To do so the participants attended 8 trainings with experienced trainers and discussed different topics of leadership in community development. In the end groups of students will present their projects including the new skills they have gained to fill out a project proposal in the context of forming youth initiatives to increase the interest in the reform process.

After completing the School of Young Leaders, the participants will be able to gain and apply knowledge of reforms and influence the decisions taken at local and national levels. They should also be able to discuss budget formation and public participation in this process as well as having the competences and skills to join and encourage active public participation and the development of local democracy. Another goal is that the participants can apply monitoring, analysis and advocacy tools in the reform process and therefore become leaders in the community development. This is possible through improving their communication skills for working with teammates and officials. The final project proposal they will present is an excellent practice for implementing successful public campaigns in the future and for influencing the formation and implementation of youth policy in the region. The participants will become powerful human resource reserves for NGOs and authorities.

We have created an interactive timeline to sum up the course of the school. Take a look at the trainings from a participants point of view:

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The school is impelmented by:

Democracy Reporting International
CO “Vinnytsya regional information center “Creative”

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