Safeguarding policy

At Democracy Reporting International, we uphold a zero-tolerance of abuse in our organisation and programmes. This means that we are committed to ensuring abuse does not occur and to diligently addressing it if it ever does.


Democracy Reporting International staff must treat their programme recipients, partners, and fellow staff members with respect and dignity. In order to do so, they must not abuse others. This includes physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; sexual exploitation; sexual harassment; and neglect. If they are found to have abused others, they will face strict consequences.

DRI staff must report any instance where they may suspect or notice signs of abuse.

DRI programme recipients and partners are also encouraged to report any signs of abuse.

How to report:

Reporting Abuse:

Once a report is made, the Safeguarding Focal Point will manage the next steps together with the Director of HR and Administration. This includes coordinating any necessary assistance for the victim, gathering information for the case, and sharing with the Executive Management/Board/external agencies for the final decision.

Please note that all reporters and victims of abuse will be supported throughout the process. This also includes maintaining their anonymity as much as possible.

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