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Request for Quotation: Data Entry into SPSS (Lebanon)

Project: An Agenda for Decentralisation – Local Governance in Lebanon
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Duration: 22 May until June 2017


Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organisation registered in Berlin. Democracy Reporting International promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide. In the framework of its Lebanon Project “An Agenda for Decentralisation – Local Governance in Lebanon”, DRI is pleased to invite you to apply for the competitive tender for entering data from 39 completed surveys with 130 multiple choice questions each into SPSS.

Objective of this assignment

DRI is looking for a Lebanese organisation/firm which has a proven track record in data entry.

DRI Lebanon is currently surveying 39 municipal federations across Lebanon and posing in total 130 multiple choice questions per federation. The surveyors are filling in hard-copies of the survey questionnaires and you will be asked to enter this data into SPSS.

Duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision of the DRI Country Representative, the winning company will be tasked with the following deliverables:

  • Review and check all survey questionnaires for completeness and correct any mistakes or imprecisions if necessary;
  • Enter all data into SPSS.


  • Proven Experience of Data Entry into SPSS
  • Registered Lebanese Firm

Location and duration

The data entry has to be provided in Beirut, Lebanon. This assignment will start as of 22 May until June 2017.

Submission Guidelines

The proposal must be submitted by 21 May 2017, 18:00 local time (Beirut, Lebanon), via email to [email protected]

Please submit

  • A Cover Letter;
  • Evidence of former experience of your organisation/firm in data entry;
  • References of prior completed projects/deliverables;
  • A breakdown of proposed working days and fees;
  • in one PDF file on company letter head with the name, signature, and stamp of the concerned official;
  • The successful tenderer will be informed in writing that its tender has been accepted.


The submission for this tender document does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise. DRI may cancel the tender, any time, without assigning any reason.

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