Request for Quotations: Communications Consultancy (Georgia)

Project: Strengthening Political Pluralism in Georgia – Phase II

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Duration: 12 June – 16 July 2017; 15 working days (indicative)


Together with the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA), DRI is implementing a 10-month project, “Strengthening Political Pluralism in Georgia – Phase II”. The aim of the project is to contribute to strengthening of political pluralism in Georgia by fostering an impartial, inclusive and facts-based debate on the problem of political polarisation.

The activities foreseen by the project include an awareness-raise campaign on the problem of extreme political polarisation in Georgia among students, activists and tech people and development of a social media campaign to communicate on the negative effects of polarisation to different target groups (civil society, media, politicians, general public). In order to combine the two-above mentioned activities, DRI is planning to organise a two-day communications event in late June 2017 in Tbilisi involving students, youth activists and representatives of various creative professions (visual artists, art directors, graphic designers, etc)

DRI is seeking a communications company/firm/expert(s) to support DRI in organisation of the event and advice on the communications issues related to the event.

Objective of this assignment

DRI is looking for a Georgian organisation/firm/expert(s) which has a proven track record for providing communication consultancy services.

Duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision of DRI’s HQ and Project Coordinator/Political Advisor in Georgia, the winning company/firm/expert(s) will be tasked with the following deliverables:

1. Help develop the brief (terms of reference) for the event, call for participants and outreach strategy (2 days)

  • Develop and review the brief based on the draft provided by DRI (description, rules and guidelines for participants, profile of participants, draft programme; team-work mechanism, expected results);
  • Review and advise on the post-event strategy (incentives and motivation for participants, selection mechanism for winning ideas, implementation plan after the hackathon);
  • Advice on naming and branding of the event.

2. Help advertise the public call and recruit participants (communication/social media experts, graphic designers, painters, etc) (2 days)

  • Spread the announcement among relevant groups (marketing and PR students, designers, photographers, social media campaigners, communication specialists);
  • Advice on the selection process and liaise with possible participants.

3. Delegate 4 mentors (communications and social media experts) who would be present during the event and can be part of the jury (8 days)

4. Advise on development of communication ideas generated during the event into specific communications campaigns, identify and propose relevant experts to work on the development of campaigns (3 days)


  • Proven experience in developing communication campaigns
  • Previous experience in organising hackathons/social innovation camps or similar events is a strong asset
  • A well-established network of contacts in Georgia and access to the target groups
  • Experience in political communications is a strong asset

Submission Guidelines

The proposal must be submitted by 4 June 2017, 18:00 local time (midnight CET), via email to [email protected] , with the subject line “Communications Consultancy (Georgia)”.

Please submit in one PDF file:

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • Submitted offers shall be in English language;
  • DRI will deduct with-holding tax deducted at source according to the Georgian Taxation law as applicable;
  • The contract will be awarded on best value for money basis;
  • The entire evaluation procedure is confidential;
  • The successful bidder will be informed in writing that its tender has been accepted.


The submission for this Request for Quotation (RFQ) does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise. DRI may cancel the RFQ, any time, without assigning any reason.

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