Request for Proposal: Security Provider Libya

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1. Assignment Background

The DRI Libya Team works closely with municipalities and civil society partners across all three regions of Libya on local governance, participatory democracy and civil and political rights. Due to the context of war in Libya, the Team is operating from the DRI Tunisia Office. Nevertheless, staff members and external experts are sometimes required to travel to Libya to grant successful project implementation. Moreover, a solid and up-to-date understanding of security-related developments on the ground in Libya is vital for the Team’s project planning.

DRI Libya is, therefore, looking to require the services of a security provider to advise on specific risks and security issues and to conduct security training for staff. The services shall commence as soon as possible for a minimum of 5 months and may be extended until 2022.

2. Description of the services required

DRI is looking for two specific services: A – Required services (such as security consulting and security training) and B – Ad hoc services (such as security advisory services, escort services, and incident response services). Respondents can submit proposals for both A and B, or either.

3. Contents of this RFP Document

The document consists of the following annexes and should be read in conjunction with any Addendum that may be issued by the DRI.

Annex I:                 Proposal Evaluation Form

Annex II:               Proposer Information Form

Annex III:             Proposal Submission

4. Amendment in Document

At any time, prior to the deadline for submission of RFP document, DRI may amend the document by issuing addenda. Any addendum issued shall be part of the RFP document and shall be communicated to the participating firms in writing by DRI. To give prospective applicants reasonable time and not less than one week to take an addendum into account in preparing their RFP document, DRI may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.

5. Disclaimer

The submission for this RFP document does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise. DRI may cancel the process, any time, without assigning any reason.

6. Submission of Proposal

Completed RFP document  should be submitted in PDF format via email entitled “RFP –Security Provider Libyato the following address: [email protected]

7. Deadline for submission of RFP document

Deadline for submission of RFP document is Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 12:00 PM local time (CEST). RFP received after the deadline shall not be considered.

8. Deadlin for queries

Proposers may submit clarification questions to the following person: [email protected]. Clarification requests will be accepted until Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 12:00 PM local time, and consequently shared with all other proposers.

9. Proposal Evaluation and Award criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to Annex I – Technical & Financial Evaluation Form and contract will be awarded on best value for money basis.

10. Operational language

All written communications for this proposal must be in English. 

11. Confidentiality

Information and procedure relating to evaluation of RFP is confidential.

12. Notification of Award

The successful bidder will be informed in writing that its proposal has been accepted. For more details, read the full Request for Proposal (RFP).


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