Request for Proposal: Online Perception Survey (Pakistan)

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1. Assignment Background

With support from the German Federal Foreign Office (GMFA), DRI Pakistan is currently implementing a project entitled “Consolidating Democratic Stability in Pakistan”. The objective of the project is to strengthen local constituencies, both on the governmental and non-governmental side, to consolidate the democratic transition process in Pakistan, specifically with a view to human rights protection and effective, decentralised governance.

DRI is looking to require the services of a communications company to conduct an online perception survey among citizens understanding and their experience with new decentralised government structures. The survey will run from October 2019 to November 2020.

2. Description of the services required

The selected bidder will provide professional services as per detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) attached as Annex-I.

3. Contents of this RFP Document

The document consists of the following annexes and should be read in conjunction with any Addendum that may be issued by the DRI.

Annex I:                 Terms of Reference

Annex II:                Proposer Information Form

Annex III:               Technical and Financial Evaluation Form

4. Amendment in Document

At any time, prior to the deadline for submission of RFP document, DRI may amend the document by issuing addenda. Any addendum issued shall be part of the RFP document and shall be communicated to the participating firms in writing by DRI. To give prospective applicants reasonable time and not less than one week to take an addendum into account in preparing their RFP document, DRI may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposal

5. Disclaimer

The submission for this RFP document does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise. DRI may cancel the process, any time, without assigning any reason.

6. Submission of Proposal

Completed RFP document with original signed cover letter should be submitted via courier/ hand delivered, in a sealed envelope clearly marked with “RFP –Online Perception Surveyto the following address:

Touseef Ahmad Jan

Logistic & Procurement Associate, Democracy Reporting International

1st Floor, Ufone Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: +92-51-2310575, 2310576, Email: [email protected]

7. Deadline for submission of RFP document

Deadline for submission of RFP document is Wednesday, 18 September 2019 by 1500 Hrs. Submitted RFP will be reviewed on a rolling basis by DRI-PK Procurement Committee and early submissions are encouraged. RFP received after the deadline shall not be considered. Documents sent by e‐mail or facsimile shall not be accepted.

8. Proposal Evaluation and Award criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to Annex-III – Technical & Financial Evaluation Form and contract will be awarded on best value for money basis.

9. Operational language

All written communications for this proposal must be in English. 

10. Confidentiality

Information and procedure relating to evaluation of RFP is confidential.

11. Notification of Award

The successful bidder will be informed in writing that its proposal has been accepted. For more details, read the full Request for Proposal (RFP).




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