Watch now: Poland’s presidential elections and the rule of law

Poles will be voting for a new president on Sunday, 12 July. Incumbent president Andrzej Duda will face off against Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski in the election’s second round. Originally planned for May, the election was postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic and political manoeuvring.

What is at stake?

President Duda has been a steadfast supporter of the government’s transformation of Poland’s judiciary. The election of an opposition candidate as president would have fundamental implications for the rule of law in the EU. We held a webinar on 8 July 2020 to discuss these issues in depth.

Watch the webinar here

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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz

Research Fellow, University of Groningen, 

Jakub Jaraczewski
Legal Officer, 
Democracy Reporting International

Moderated by Hans Felber-Charbonneau
Communications Coordinator, Democracy Reporting International

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