Mapping the Decentralisation debate in Lebanon

In under five weeks DRI met officials and citizens across Lebanon to build awareness of the practical impact of decentralisation on local development, and hear firsthand about local authority’s different public service challenges and solutions.

In late 2018 DRI held town hall meetings and awareness-raising sessions in five different regions across Lebanon. We started in Mount Lebanon, moved on to South Lebanon, North Lebanon, Beqaa, and finally ended in Beirut. We met altogether more than 350 people, including local government representatives, citizens, activists, experts and journalists. The sessions provided a platform and guide for citizens to consider decentralisation solutions and the specific impact it can have on the delivery of public services.

In the backdrop of Lebanon’s continuing waste crisis, together with our partners, we built on concrete experiences of municipalities and municipality unions to discuss decentralised solutions to tackling a wide range of challenges locally, from public safety, to government transparency and waste management.

Take a look at the map below to get a sense of what was discussed!

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