Index of publications on Ukraine

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  • Briefing Paper: Reforming the functions of Ukraine’s Public Prosecutor’s Office: new constitutional provisions and their (pending) implementation (July 2018) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Ukraine’s new High Intellectual Property Court: implications for the justice system (May 2018) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: The paralysed guardian: towards an independent Constitutional Court of Ukraine (June 2017) [UA] Summary: [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: Legal framework for national referendums in Ukraine (May 2017) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Freedom of peaceful assembly – the Ukrainian version (Feb. 2017) [EN] [UA]
  • Monitoring Chart: Legislative initiatives on political reforms in Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Dec. 2014 – Dec. 2016) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: One click democracy: one year of e-petitions in Ukraine (Sept. 2016) [EN] [UA]
  • Working Paper: Constitutional reform in Ukraine: communications initiatives analysis and recommendations (May 2016) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Ukraine’s legal debate on the right to armed self-defence (Mar. 2016) [EN] [UA]
  • Monitoring Chart: Legislative initiatives on political reforms in Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Dec. 2014 – Feb. 2016) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Ukraine and the International Criminal Court: a constitutional matter (Dec. 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: From central control to local responsibility: decentralisation in Ukraine (Nov. 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: New local election law: a missed reform opportunity (Oct. 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Next steps for reform Ukraine’s parliamentary immunities (July 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Announcement: DRI student essay contest announcement (July 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Constitutional reforms in Ukraine: an update on recent developments and debates (June 2015) [EN] [RU] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Will Ukraine change the law on local elections? (May 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Factsheet: Ukraine’s Constitutional commission (May 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Policy Memo: The seven pitfalls for political reforms in Ukraine (Mar. 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Reforming parliamentary immunities in Ukraine (Jan. 2015) [EN] [UA]
  • Briefing Paper: Ukraine’s political reforms: one year on from Euromaiden (Dec. 2014) [EN] [UA]
  • Opinion Article: Ukraine needs reform to survive (Oct. 2014) [EN]
  • Opinion Article: Prospects for a better Ukraine (Apr. 2014) [EN]

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