Index of publications on Libya

  • Briefing Paper: Views & Aspirations of Civil Society Regarding the Constitution of Libya (April 2016) [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: Civil Society’s Sober Assessment of the Libyan Constitution-Making Process (April 2016) [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: Electoral Provisions in Libya’s Draft Constitution (March 2016) [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: The New Vision of Local Governance in Libya by the Draft Constitution of 3 February 2016 (March 2016) [EN] [AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Ensuring a Smooth Transition to the New Constitutional Order: Transitional Provisions in the Libyan Draft Constitution and Political Agreement (January 2016) [EN] [AR]
  • Workshop Report: Securing Human Rights in the New Libyan Constitution (May 2014) [EN] [AR]
  • Report: Decentralisation in Libya (August 2013) [EN] [AR]
  • Report: Constituent Assembly Elections in Libya: Assessment of the Legal Framework (September 2013) [EN] [AR]
  • Conference Report: Democracy Standards in an Islamic Context (June 2013) [EN] [AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Analysis of the Rules of Procedure of the General National Congress of Libya (May 2013) [EN] [AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Assessment of the 1951 Libyan Constitution According to International Standards (July 2012) [EN] [AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Preliminary Assessment of Libya’s Draft Law for the General National Congress (January 2012) [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: The Constitutional Declaration: a Basis for Democracy? (December 2011) [EN]

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