Index of publications: Lebanon



  • Briefing Paper: Shrinking Democracy in Lebanon: How a Securitised State of Emergency is Threatening Democratic Norms (December 2020) [EN][AR]
  • Analysis: Facing Corruption: The Lebanese Challenge (December 2020) [FR][AR][EN]
  • Final Report: Restructuring Subnational Governance in Lebanon: Towards Efficient Public Spending and Reduced Regional Inequalities (November 2020) [EN][AR]
  • Policy Brief: Providing a New Decentralisation Framework for Sustainable Local Authorities in Lebanon: Pathways for Local Governance Stability Amid a Multi-Layered Crisis (August 2020) [EN][AR]
  • Analysis: How access to information can help tackle corruption in Lebanon (August 2020) [EN]
  • Briefing Paper: Reforming Public Procurement in Lebanese Local Authorities: Challenges and Ways Forward (May 2020) [EN][AR]
  • Survey Report: How resilient are Lebanese Municipal Unions? (March 2020) [EN][AR]


  • Briefing Paper: Lebanon’s Progress on Public-Private Partnership and the Role of Local Authorities (December 2019) [EN][AR]
  • Policy Brief: Inclusive and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Lebanon: Guidelines for an Integrated Framework (December 2019) [EN]
  • Political Analysis: A Moment for Change: The Lebanese Uprisings of 2019 (December 2019) [EN]
  • Study: Solid Waste Management in Lebanon: Lessons for Decentralisation (October 2019) [EN][AR]
  • Joint Statement: Al-Idara bi-Mahalla’s Joint Statement on Decentralisation (August 2019) [EN][AR]
  • Survey Results: Are Municipalities in Lebanon Delivering? (July 2019) [EN] [AR]


  • Consortium’s Charter: Al-Idara bi-Mahalla’s Charter on Decentralisation (October 2018) [AR]


  • Briefing Paper: Local Governance in Lebanon: The Way Forward (December 2017) [EN][AR]
  • Report: Assessment of the Lebanese Electoral Framework based on the new Election Law 44 of 2017 (December 2017) [EN] [AR]
  • National Survey Report: Public Services in Lebanese Municipal Unions (December 2017)  [EN][AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Decentralising Government – What You Need to Know (June 2017) [EN][AR]
  • Briefing Paper: Reforming Decentralisation in Lebanon – The State of Play (April 2017) [EN][AR]


  • Report: Global Mapping and Analysis of Parliamentary Strengthening Programs (April 2015) [EN]


  • Report: Comprehensive Assessment of the Electoral Framework of Lebanon – Election Law of 2008 (December 2008) – Full Report [EN]
  • Report: Comprehensive Assessment of the Electoral Framework of Lebanon – Election Law of 2008 (December 2008) – Executive Summary [AR]
  • Report: Comprehensive Assessment of the Electoral Framework of Lebanon – The Election Law of 2000 and the Draft Law by the Boutros Commission (April 2008) [EN]


News Stories:


  • Analysis: Lebanon in Times of COVID-19: A Series of Crises (March 2021) [EN]


  • Article: Lebanon’s forensic audit: The controversy continues (December 2020) [EN]
  • Analysis: Was the State of Emergency Necessary? A Review of the Lebanese Government’s Violations (November 2020) [AR]
  • Analysis: Access to Information: Is the Lebanese Government Facilitating Transparency? (October 2020) [AR]
  • Article: Beirut Explosion: How Did the State Manage the Disaster? (September 2020) [EN]
  • Analysis: The Beirut Port Explosion: When Will the Lebanese Hold the Authorities Accountable? (September 2020) [AR]
  • How a Lebanese municipality is protecting households affected by covid-19 (April 2020) [EN]


  • A Local Approach to Solve Lebanon’s Governance Crisis? (December 2019) [EN]
  • Promoting the Participation of Young People in Politics (August 2019) [EN]
  • Decentralisation of Waste Management – a Viable Solution for Lebanon? (July 2019) [EN]
  • Confronting Corruption in Lebanon – Citizens Right to Access Information (April 2019) [EN]
  • Mapping the Decentralisation Debate in Lebanon (February 2019) [EN]


  • 2019: the ‘Year of Decentralisation’ for Lebanon? (December 2018) [EN]
  • DRI Lebanon’s nationwide study on public service delivery comes to an end (November 2018) [EN]
  • Lebanese Academics and Journalists Discuss Decentralisation (August 2018) [EN]
  • Assessment of the Lebanese Electoral Framework ahead of the 6 May Elections (April 2018) [EN]
  • Lebanon’s Electoral Candidates Talk Decentralisation (April 2018) [EN]


  • Assessing the role of local authorities in Lebanon (July 2017) [EN]
  • Debating decentralisation ahead of Lebanon’s May 2017 general elections (March 2017) [EN]

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