Human Rights and Civil Society Expert (Pakistan)


Title: Human Rights and Civil Society Expert

Location: Home-based, with travel to all four provinces and Federal capital of Pakistan

Duration of contract: A total of 20 working days between July 2017 – October 2017



Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organisation registered in Berlin. DRI promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide.

With support from the German-Federal Foreign Office, DRI’s Pakistan office is currently implementing a project entitled “Supporting Advocacy for Human Rights and Good Governance in Pakistan”. The project aims to provide institutional strengthening and capacity building support to the government and the state’s Human Rights Institutions and to strengthen the capacity of civil society in actively advocating for priority human rights and democratic governance reforms.


Objective of the assignment

Pakistan formulated its first Action Plan (NAP) for Human Rights in February 2016, which broadly aims to improve the human rights situation in Pakistan. The action plan specifically covers six thematic areas including policy and legal reforms, implementation of key human rights priorities for the country, cross cutting interventions for human rights promotion and protection, UN treaty implementation, interventions related to national human rights institutions and mechanisms to monitor implementation of human rights.

Civil society has an essential role to play in monitoring the implementation of the NAP and advocating for effective compliance with its stated objectives and international human rights standards. DRI facilitates Civil Society Working Groups (CSWG) on human rights protection and promotion in all four of Pakistan’s provinces. The CSWGs comprise a diverse group of civil society organisations and well-informed human rights practitioners. Building upon its previous support, DRI will support the CSWGs to develop a joint report analysing the implementation of the Action Plan on Human Rights, which will form the key output of the assignment. The joint CSWG alternative report will review and analyse the progress towards implementation of the Government’s Action Plan on Human Rights and contribute towards sustained advocacy with the Government to strengthen areas where implementation may be weak or lacking.

For the assignment, DRI requires the short-term services of a Pakistan-based Human Rights and Civil Society Expert to develop the joint alternative report with the CSWGs.


Scope of the research

The report will analyse the extent of implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan on the basis of the international standards for national human rights action plan and their implementation. Specifically, the paper will 1.) assess the progress made under each thematic area of the action plan to improve the human rights situation in Pakistan; 2) identify areas where there have been gaps in implementation of the National Action Plan; and 3) provide recommendations for improvement in the implementation of the Action Plan in accordance with the international standards outlined.

The scope of the research will be as follows:

  • Assess the extent of progress made in achieving the proposed actions related to each thematic area against the time frame provided;
  • The key areas of the proposed action where implementation has been lacking;
  • Implementation of the Action Plan in accordance with international standards and best practices;
  • Recommendations for strengthening implementation of the National Action Plan, which should include:
    • Clear and practical measures for addressing any implementation gaps identified in the report;
    • Identify which stakeholder is responsible for delivering each recommendation for improving implementation


Tasks and deliverables

The Human Rights and Civil Society Expert will work under the overall supervision of the DRI’s Country Representative in Pakistan and in coordination with the project team to deliver the following:

  • Design and develop a clear and detailed outline for the report (including a proposal on how to draw on the international standards and how to present the results in a condensed fashion, e.g. infographics) based on the scope of the research and identify additional areas for research where needed;
  • Conduct research, including a desk review and analysis of existing qualitative and quantitative information, on all areas relevant for the report;
  • Conduct consultative sessions with civil society and key stakeholders at provincial and national level as part of the research;
  • Draft the report addressing all points identified in the scope of research;
  • Adhere to DRI’s Style and Formatting Guidelines in writing and formatting the document;
  • Be available for in person meetings or Skype calls with DRI team during planning and drafting of the paper;
  • Perform any additional task assigned relevant to the assignment.

*Drafting the alternative report

The paper should be concise (6 to 8 pages) and include infographics to highlight key messages and increase usability of the content.



  • University degree in law, political science, social sciences, humanities or a relevant discipline;
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in human rights, international law or relevant field;
  • Sound understanding of domestic and international human rights law, norms and mechanisms;
  • Excellent analytical skills and ability to conceptualise policy formulation within the subject area;
  • Excellent report writing, communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent English language skills (spoken and written);
  • Ability and willingness to travel to all four provinces and Federal Capital of Pakistan


Closing date for applications: 17 July 2017

Applicants are requested to submit a brief expert methodology, no longer than three pages, explaining how they will address the points identified in the scope of research, which should include a short outline of the paper. Methodologies should be submitted along with applications (CV and Cover Letter) to [email protected] with “Human Rights and Civil Society Expert” as the subject heading and supporting documents in the following format: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_DOCUMENTNAME.


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