Helping Libya’s grassroots build a better future

For over a year, Libya has had three rival ‘national governments’ backed by separate militias with no signs of an agreement on a unified government and army. In this dire context, civil society and local government are getting on with the urgent task of improving living conditions for communities.

A coalition of 12 civil society organisations from across Libya is collecting information on local laws, the context and existing civic engagement to better understand the situation in Libya’s municipalities. The sample study, due to be published in June 2017, will provide a snapshot of the state of local governance in parts of the country.

In March, partners presented initial results at a four-day workshop in Tunis, where each coalition member was supported in developing new projects to be implemented across Libya between April and July 2017. The projects range from campaigns to help minorities and persons with disabilities to civic education on political participation.

This project is funded by the Dutch Foreign Ministry.


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