Call for Expression of Interest – Local Vendors (Pakistan)

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit international organization based in Berlin, Germany.  It promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions worldwide.  DRI, Country Office, Islamabad, Pakistan is in the process of establishing a database of qualified vendors and hereby publishes:



The objective of this call for expressions of interest is to set up a list of vendors that satisfy the eligibility criteria and who will upon pre-selection be invited to bid at the later stage of the procurement process. Inclusion on the list entails no obligation on the part of the DRI concerning the conclusion of contracts.


DRI is seeking expressions of interest from reputed local vendors, both in Islamabad and nationwide, for the following types of goods and services:

  1. Information technology equipment
  2. Printing services (Documents / Reports / Banners / Standees / etc.)
  3. Media / Film / Photography services
  4. Office furniture
  5. Stationery items
  6. Car rental services (nationwide)
  7. Travel agent services (domestic / international air ticketing)
  8. Hotel facilities and services (nationwide)


DRI intends to establish long-term agreements with the vendors that satisfy the criteria. Such cooperation between DRI and vendors will be facilitated by easy communication, simple ordering procedure and payment methods. The total value of the contract will be determined at the later stage and it will depend on DRI annual budget. In order to be considered as a potential vendor, interested companies should submit their expression of interest, including the following information:

  • brief presentation of the vendor including number of staff, turnover, years in business (please see ANNEX I);
  • reference list demonstrating qualifications for participating in this possible upcoming bidding process;
  • recommendations/feedback from clients indicating their satisfaction with the vendor’s performance;
  • contact information (full name and address, country, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, website and contact person);
  • any other relevant technical information on the quality of the product would also be most appreciated.


Interested vendors are invited to submit an expression of interest in accordance with the rules set out in this notice. After initial pre-selection of all applicaitons, DRI will draw up a sub-list of vendors who have expressed their interest, corresponding to each of the fields described in point 2.

Where a specific contract relating to the specific field is to be concluded, DRI will invite all the vendors on the relevant sub‑list(s) to submit their financial and technical proposals. In that case DRI will send the request for proposal only to the vendors relating to the field/contract in question.


The applicants should submit the following documents and information in order to participate in the process:

  • Company ’s profile – please see Annex I;
  • Proof of registration as per applicable national law;
  • Certificate of tax registration;
  • Proof of dealership/ authorised sole distributor (if applicable);
  • Pricelist / catalogue of products;
  • List of clienteles;
  • List of references;

The selection committee, appointed by the Country Representative of DRI, will perform the opening of applications, within 7 days after closure of the deadline. All participants in the process will be informed about results.


 Applicants are requested to submit all relevant documents in sealed envelopes clearly marked “Call for Expression of Interest/PLEASE PUT YOUR RELEVANT FIELD/DRI-PK/2017-04” by Wednesday, 24 MAY 2017.  

Expressions of interest should be submitted in English to the following address:

Democracy Reporting International

1st Floor, U-fone Tower, Jinnah Avenue,

Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: +92-51-8357972

Fax: +92-51-8358973

All questions related to this process are to be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. All answers will be published on the DRI website and available to all applicants. DRI reserves the right to cancel the process at any time.

Incomplete applications shall not be taken into consideration. Invitations to bid or requests for proposals and/or any subsequent purchase order or contract will be issued in accordance with the rules and procedures of DRI.


Annex I – Vendor Information Form

 (Note: Please complete this section in full)


About the Company/Firm/Details:

Company/ Firm’s Registered Name:
Trading Name (If applicable):
Area of Expertise / Services:
Total years of experience in business:
Total number of staff:
Official Tax Registration Proof/Number (please adapt)

(attach certificate):

Company Address with telephone / email:
Vendor’s Authorised Representative:

(Name/Designation/ Address/ Tel/Mobile, Fax/ Email)

Offices address in other regions if applicable (mention the areas here) (if any):
Official Banking Details:


Please attach (if applicable) Status of Attachment

(YES/ NO/ Not Applicable)

Company / Firm’s Profile
Proof of Registration as per applicable national Law
Certificate of Tax Registration
Proof of Dealership/ Authorised Sole Distributor (if applicable)
List of Clientele
List of References (at least 3)

For a PDF document of this call, please click here.

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