DRI Unveils New Digital Democracy Toolkit!

Recent elections and events have exposed the risks of disinformation and manipulation of the democratic discourse on social media. However, there is still too little evidence that demonstrates how disinformation, hate speech, bots and others influence the online debate.

Meanwhile, the tools to monitor social media are oftentimes not easily accessible for civil society and other interested groups. To fill this gap, DRI has developed a Digital Democracy Monitor Toolkit, which makes all the necessary resources available in one place.

The Digital Democracy Monitor toolkit is designed for civil society, journalists, researchers and anyone trying to learn more about social media and democracy.

Get started on your own monitoring today and find out:

  • Why you should monitor social media
  • How to get started in your own context
  • How to assemble your own online disinformation risk assessment
  • How to build your own methodology
  • How you can access data
  • How to make an impact

Click on the image to start exploring!

The Digital Democracy Monitor toolkit is part of a project funded by NEF-Civitates with contributions from MEMO 98

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