DRI Democracy School: Starobil’s’k and Novopskov

Trainings that took place as part of DRI democracy school in Starobil’s’k and Novopskov resulted in three small projects selected to be implemented in the Luhansk region.

Nineteen participants attended the school, including representatives of local councils, amalgamated local communities and public organisations. They received training on how to identify community problems, find out who is responsible for solving them, as well as how to lodge requests to authorities and entities in charge and make them accountable.

As part of the school, participants worked on small community projects. They analysed potential problems and risks for their projects, as well as learnt about fundraising and partnerships. Three projects received funding and mentoring from DRI, each addressing different problems: 1) lack of understanding of the local democracy mechanisms and the separation of duties between local councils and the municipal government in Sievierodonetsk; 2) insufficient cooperation between the business, local authorities and civic society, as well as the absence of a place where citizens can gather to discuss crucial issues for their local communities; and 3) lack of mutual cultural events that may interconnect neighbouring communities.

Additionally, participants were trained on effective tools for cooperation between central and local authorities, their own competences, and also new opportunities offered by decentralisation and its impact for the community.

The DRI democracy school took place at the end of September and targeted civil society representatives from Luhansk and Donetsk regions. It aims to involve citizens in the local decision-making process and it is the fourth event organised in cooperation with Vostok SOS.

Other editions took place in Sievierodonetsk, Mariupol and Bahmut.

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