DRI and NDI launch Myanmar Election Observer Recommendations Database

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) works with civil society organisations (CSOs) and election observer groups in Myanmar to support their analysis and advocacy in the areas of elections and electoral reform. In 2015, DRI worked with 25 different CSOs to implement election observation and media monitoring ahead of Myanmar’s landmark 2015 polls, and continues to support them in their advocacy for electoral reforms.

DRI supported its three main partners in formulating over 250 recommendations for electoral reform based on international standards. CSOs’ recommendations cut across political and technical issues and put forth proposals to make Myanmar’s electoral process and legal framework for elections more robust, credible and inclusive. DRI and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) worked together to create a database of recommendations that can serve as a resource for CSOs and election observer groups. The database also includes the recommendations of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), which complement a number of CSOs’ recommendations and can further guide their advocacy.

To access the Myanmar Election Observer Recommendations Database, click here

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