Democratic State-Building in Practice – The Libyan Coalition for the Constitution

The Libyan Coalition for the Constitution (LCC), a network of 12 human rights organisations across Libya, which was established during a DRI workshop in January 2016, has advocated for the rights of youth, women, disabled persons, minorities, citizenship issues and transitional justice throughout the past year.

The latest constitutional draft was long awaited and finally passed by the Constitution Drafting Assembly on 29 July 2017. From the LCC, the representatives of the organisations ‘Just like You’ and the ‘Libyan National Organisation for Handicaps Development’ stated that they were particularly satisfied with the newest constitutional draft and felt proud that their recommendations were applied in the constitutional text. The representatives of ‘Manbar AlHaqq’ and ‘Ana Libiyya w Ibni Gharib’ advocating for citizenship rights of children of Libyan women and foreign fathers, however, have strongly criticized that the constitution does not provide clarity on this matter but transfers the decision to the legislator.

Overall, most Coalition members felt that the latest constitutional draft was a general improvement compared to former drafts.

Since January 2016, the Coalition has come a long way, extended its peer-to-peer network and expanded their focus from the Constitution to other topics, such as local governance. In cooperation with DRI and the Dutch policy institute Clingendael, the Coalition is contributing to a large assessment of local governance and local authorities’ provision of security to citizens in Libya.

In order to discuss and further develop their individual projects and joint activities, the Coalition met in Tunis from 20-24 August for a five-day workshop held by DRI.

This project is funded by the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

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