Democracy podcasts (Ukrainian)

Partnering with Hromadske Radio, we launched a series of podcasts on topics related to Ukraine’s democratic transition and challenges to democracy worldwide.

We invite experts to discuss and debate on recent developments in the country.

Our first podcast is dedicated to the new role of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU), namely the right of the court to review individual constitutional complaints. The talk was joined by DRI expert, Mykola Gnatovsky, and CCU Chief Judge Stanislav Shevchuk. They discussed the achievements of the CCU in 2018 and challenges that 2019 elections may bring.

Second podcast was dedicated to democracy in post-truth era, where Eugene Fedchenko, the Head of StopFake explained how to identify fakes in news and messages and how to counteract them.

In the third  podcast we discussed martial law in Ukraine and its direct influence on the protection of human rights and freedoms and the conduct of elections at the local and national levels. DRI expert, Mykola Gnatovsky, analysed the reasons for introduction of martial law and its three main achievements.



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