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Rashad Khriji Ghannouchi, Speaker of Tunisia’s Assembly of the Representatives of the People, received representatives from DRI Tunisia on 21 October. DRI Country Director Mohamed Wassim B’chir, Project Director Josselin Léon and Legal Adviser Amine Thabet met with the speaker in the parliament building.

“I appreciate what Democracy Reporting International has done since you supported the National Constituent Assembly fostering national dialogue and drafting the 2014 constitution, as well as your contribution to promoting a democratic transition in our country,” said Speaker Ghannouchi.

The Speaker and Jamila Ksiksi, responsible for relations with citizens and civil society, emphasised the role played by DRI in the country since 2011. This work has continued since in supporting legislative reform and in the creation of a charter for cooperation between the Assembly and civil society.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present DRI’s work, values, and ongoing projects in Tunisia and across our seven country offices. Finally, the Speaker and DRI Tunisia also discussed the opportunities for continued cooperation between our organisation and the Assembly.

Meeting of DRI Tunisia representatives with the Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People and his assistant responsible for relations with citizens and civil society.

The DRI Tunisia Country Director presents DRI reports to the President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People.