CVs for Pool of Evaluation Experts

Pool of Evaluation Experts

As part of our global work, DRI maintains a register of experts to deploy at short notice. To ensure we can offer the best expertise, DRI is always looking for knowledgeable candidates on: human rights, justice sector reform, democracy, especially electoral processes and constitutional reform, rule of law, legal reform, civil society, capacity building, decentralisation, and gender.

This call for experts is within our EU Framework Contract under Lot 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace. In particular, we are looking for experts with evaluation experience (preferably of EU programmes) who also possess expertise in one or more of the above-mentioned thematic fields.

If you’re interested to be considered for short-term missions please send your CV in EU format (template here, please note it is NOT Europass format) to [email protected] for registration in our database. Please include your name in the title of the email. In your CV be sure to highlight your thematic knowledge in one of the fields listed above, and your experience with one or more of the competencies listed below:

Regional and/or country specific expertise

 Task related experience (one or more):

  • Designing scope and methodology (including methods for data collection and analysis);
  • Assessment of indicators baselines;
  • Proficiency in applying research methods, especially in field research, participatory research, interviewing techniques, focus groups and case studies;
  • Results oriented Monitoring & Evaluation: Evaluate the methodology, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact (and perspectives of impact) and sustainability of programmes;
  • Experience of evaluations of EU-funded programmes;
  • Knowledge of European Commission funding rules and procedures for external cooperation;
  • Experience of project cycle management (PCM) application;
  • Experience working with high-level government officials; experience working with local authorities;

Team Leader Expertise (optional)

Demonstrated experience:

  • Directly supervising and being primarily responsible for proper coordination and execution of missions;
  • Ensuring submission of reports and all other activities required;
  • Maintaining direct contact with all relevant stakeholders and the EU Project Manager.

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