Constitution: on the way to change

Lectures and workshops explaining Ukrainian political reform process – for students, civil society and everyone curious

On 26-28 May, through set of lectures and workshops you have the opportunity to hear about and discuss the judiciary reform in Ukraine, the European standards for electoral law, and forms of government in relation to democracy. Moreover, under the guidelines of well-known international and Ukrainian experts, you can try your debate and argument skills in the workshops on “Interview for a position as judge of the Supreme Court” and “Preparing a constitutional complain”.

The lectures and workshops will be followed by a final of students debate competition, which we invite you to attend. The debate will be in the form of a session of Verkhovna Rada. Register

When and where?

26-28 May, BC “PARUS” Mechnikova str. 2, KYIV (БЦ “ПАРУС”, Мечникова, 2, КИЇВ)

Is it only for lawyers?

No! The workshops and lectures are for students, civil society, active citizens and people curious about the Ukrainian reforms

I have never heard of judiciary/electoral reform and European standards, can I still come?

Sure! Additional reading materials will be provided at the workshops.

Do I have to attend all the lectures?

You can sign up for all the programme or choose the days you can attend

How much is it?

Absolutely free!



Programme (in Ukrainian)


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