Civic Engagement & City Charter Expert (Extension)

Form of Employment: short-term consultancy (maximum of 45 days)

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Duration: The total assignment duration is a maximum of 45 days spread over the period from March 2021 to February 2022.

Location: Remote Deskwork & Tunis



Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organization registered in Berlin. DRI promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide.

In Libya, Democracy Reporting International (DRI) has been supporting the constitution-drafting process and the work of Libyan civil society organisations on topics related to the constitution, human rights and local governance.

Under ISAL project (Improved Service Delivery and Accountability at Local Level) which is implemented by a consortium of CILG, VNG International and DRI and funded by the European Union, DRI aims to contribute to the consolidation of the democratic transition and stabilisation process in Libya by:

  1. Enhancing the capacities of Libyan public institutions at local and national level, enabling an environment for effective service delivery.
  2. Empowering Libyan municipalities and other local level public institutions to enhance social cohesion through good governance and local economic development increasing employment among youth and women.
  3. Strengthening local capacities to promote collaborative governance and extensive participation in the transition process among the Libyan population.

In line with these objectives, DRI will work with three Libyan municipalities to create City Charters using an inclusive process that aims at building consensus around key principles and values through multi-stakeholder dialogues. This intervention draws on a theory of change that with more citizen participation at the local level with municipalities, service delivery can be expected to improve, contributing to stabilisation, and at the same time, more inclusive decision-making at the local level via the inclusion of civil society is expected to foster democratic practices.

The City Charters (CC) should act as a reference act for the partnership between municipalities, CSOs and other local actors such as tribal councils and the private sector. In addition to strengthening the engagement of women and youth in municipal local affairs. The multi-party dialogue aims to contribute to stronger social cohesion and provide a platform to discuss shared values. In addition to fostering communication between civil society and municipal officials and creating incentives for joint initiatives between CSOs and municipalities.

DRI is looking for Civic Engagement & City Charter Expert to (I) design a methodology using a participatory approach for drafting three city charters with three municipalities and other relevant actors. (II) This should include developing a draft model city charter, based on other country experiences, which will serve as the foundation for the multilateral dialogues. (III) Advice and design a roadmap for facilitation of the multi-stakeholder dialogues between municipalities, local actors and vulnerable groups (IV) Coach and review three CC drafting & adoption processes.

Throughout the assignment, a participatory approach should be mainstreamed to ensure youth, vulnerable and marginalised groups are engaged in the consultation dialogues. DRI and the ISAL team will lead on the selection of municipalities, the expert is expected to advise on criteria design and outreach techniques.

Each CC process should be accompanied with a communication strategy to engage local actors during the drafting process and following its adoption. In addition to including clear guidelines on how the CC can be monitored, evaluated and improved in the future. This should be based on the selected municipalities resources and capacities, with guidance on how the CC can be reviewed overtime. The CC should also seek to link with other relevant local participation initiatives.

The contents & objectives of the CC will be designed collectively with municipalities and other relevant local stakeholders incorporating their priorities, expectations and needs. The expert is expected to advise on the drafting and format of the CC, but the CC should be based on input from all stakeholders using a participatory approach. The design of the CCs should encompass the below objectives:

  • To act as a reference for citizens/local actors on the role and function of the municipality, and how to engage with local government;
  • Enriching community dialogue between local governmental and non-governmental actors;
  • Supporting the participation of women and youth groups in public life and in decision-making processes at the local level;
  • Participating in defining the values that guarantee joint action based on participatory approaches and strengthening local democracy in order to improve the services provided;
  • Help identify local public service needs and initiatives (e.g. covering topics such Solid Waste Management, public & urban space, education, youth & women engagement, municipal accountability & citizen engagement, public safety .etc.);
  • Strengthening the role of civil society organizations and building bridges of trust and transparency with local authorities.

Under the supervision of the Project Manager and the Country Director, you will:

Your Tasks:

  • Develop a methodology based on inclusive and participatory techniques, which includes a clear roadmap & workplan for the three-city charter drafting processes, consultations, bi/multi-stakeholder dialogues, adoption, & coaching with local stakeholders;
  • The roadmap should include (i) guidance on a clear communication strategy for the CC drafting outreach and adoption process, (II) guidance on sustainable monitoring and evaluation methods for municipalities and local actors during the drafting process, and in the future, (III) designed using clear approaches and indicators for engaging PWDS, ethnic/cultural diverse groups in the dialogue, drafting and adoption process.
  • Draft a Model City Charter tailored to the Libyan context, the model city charter should be drafted drawing on experiences from similar countries, based on a remote desk review. The design should include details on how it will be used in the coaching and outreach with municipalities and local actors.
  • Conduct virtual informal interviews with selected municipalities to assess priorities, needs and expectations. Advise local experts on conducting in-person consultations. The consultation should target a wide range of stakeholders, including women, youth, PWDs and representatives of the cultural diversity of each municipal area.
  • Coach virtually local facilitators, municipalities and other relevant local actors to build awareness and understanding of the CC process and objectives;
  • Together with municipalities and local experts, design a road map for the CC drafting and multi-stakeholder dialogues;
  • Coordinate a small team of local experts to facilitate the dialogue sessions in selected municipalities;
  • Communicate on behalf of the ISAL project with Libyan targeted municipalities, local civil society organisations and other relevant local actors;
  • Review and advise on the drafting and adoption of three city charters with selected municipalities;
  • ISAL objectives and indicators should be integrated throughout (guidance will be provided by DRI staff members).
  • Produce a final report of the assignment and attend closing event in Tunis. This should include an accessible case studies of all three CCs to share lessons learnt;
  • Other relevant duties, as required.
Task Deliverable Timeline
Preparatory work: desk review, roadmap & methodology design, advising on municipal criteria selection Assignment Methodology March – May 2021
Consultations with municipalities & other relevant local actors Hold virtual informal interviews with selected municipalities & local actors. March – May 2021
Draft model city charter Model City Charter March – May 2021
Phase 2
Coordinating local experts and coaching on CC roadmap Coaching on the benefits & process of CC (with local experts & relevant stakeholders)


June – December 2021
Bi-lateral and multilateral dialogues Design content/method & roadmap of all dialogues

Coaching local experts to facilitate dialogues.

June – December 2021
Drafting the citizen charter: Monitoring & Evaluation of the dialogue process Review & feedback on CC drafting, monitoring & evaluation process.


June – December 2021
Phase 3
City Charter Finalised Review & feedback all three CC. January – February 2022
City Charter Adoption Attend final event of the adoption of the CCs.

Final Report event in Tunis.

January – February 2022

Your Skills and Experience:


  • Master’s degree in political science, international development, urban planning or any other relevant field;
  • At least seven (7) years of demonstrable knowledge and relevant experience in local inclusive governance, local planning, local service delivery, inclusive city models and citizen participation.
  • Successful track record in advising local governments and civil society on citizen engagement and dialogues, including methodologies for oversight of local government.
  • Extensive experience designing and implementing City and citizen charter processes in multiple countries;
  • Experience coaching and strengthening dialogues between municipalities and CSOs;
  • Knowledge of the Libyan transition process, local governance and the CSO context in particular, gender challenges, youth engagement.
  • Ability to establish strong working relationships with civil society and local government officials.
  • Commitment and experience involving vulnerable and marginalised groups of a population, especially marginalised women;
  • Flexibility and ability to work under tight time frames;
  • Strong remote and online facilitation skills;
  • Fluency in Arabic AND English required
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please send your application (cover letter, CV, Examples of your work/publications, maximum 3-page proposed methodology, and your daily rate in Euro) to: [email protected] Please include “ISAL – Civic Engagement & City Charter Expert (City Charters)  – Libya”

” in the subject line and refer to the source where you have found this opportunity. This position is subject to funding. Applying for this position by post mail is possible, please find our address details below.

Closing date for applications: 26 February 2021. The position may be filled before the deadline has been reached, so early applications are encouraged.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

DRI is committed to diversity and does not discriminate in employment based upon gender (including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability, socio-economic status, or any other status protected by the laws in the locations where we operate.

Organisation responsible for this vacancy:

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