Capacity Strengthening Specialist: CSOs and Women Leaders

Form of Employment: short-term consultancy

Starting Date: 5 February

Duration: (max of 20 days in 2 months)

Location: Remote Deskwork      


About Implementing Partners

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) strengthens democracy by shaping the institutions that make it sustainable. We support local ways of promoting democracy with impartial analysis and good practices, bringing international standards to life. The belief that people are active participants in public life, not subjects of their governments, guides what we do. We work with local actors to protect and expand our shared democratic space in a polarised world, regardless of political opinions or personal beliefs. In Libya, DRI has been engaging in projects on topics related to democratic discourse, civil society strengthening, the constitution, human rights and local governance since 2012.

Jusoor Center for Studies and Development is an independent Libyan not-for-profit think and do tank registered in 2015. Jusoor’s Headquarters are located in Tripoli, but the organisation has representation throughout the country, with coordinators in Benghazi, Sabha and Yefren. Jusoor is committed to economic and social development through women empowerment and developing innovative policies. Jusoor aims to promote research, critical thinking, open discourse and innovative solutions with a special focus on women’s issues.

About the Project

In 2020 DRI and Jusoor started a new EU Funded project entitled Fa’ela (فاعلة): Tapping into Women’s full potential in shaping Libya’s State-Building efforts (mid-June 2020 – mid-December 2022). The Fa’ela project has the vision of a Libya in which women effectively participate in public life. To reach this vision, the project increases the organisational and technical capacity of women’s CSOs, increases the technical capacities of Libyan female politicians and political/governance actors, and establish a peer-to-peer and an enabler network with the aim of supporting women engagement in public life.

Objectives of this Consultancy

As part of this, DRI and Jusoor are looking for an expert who can develop and roll out the capacity strengthening methodology. Through this short home-based consultancy, the Expert will provide DRI and Jusoor with a capacity strengthening methodology which includes the design of capacity strengthening assessments and the training of team members on how to implement this methodology. The target groups are actors including women CSOs and  women leaders (specifically members of the women empowerment unit of the Presidential Council and in ministries).To achieve this, the expert is expected to design, in collaboration with the project team, the capacity strengthening methodology and process and train the team on how to conduct the capacity assessments and the ongoing capacity strengthening through training and mentoring of these stakeholders. This is expected to assist the project team in the development of the detailed work plan of the project’s capacity strengthening component. The expert will be expected to provide general recommendations of some capacity development interventions based on their work which can further the capacities of women CSOs and women leaders in Libya.

Scope of the Consultancy and Tasks:

The capacity development methodology is a main milestone that will help the project develop the capacity strengthening programme. The consultant will design a capacity strengthening assessment tool that will be used to measure the baseline, and continued progress of CSOs and women leaders utilizing a guided self-assessment approach. The consultant will also provide recommendations on the types of capacity strengthening interventions that would be best suited to strengthen the capacity of the CSOs and women leaders that will be identified during the assessments. The consultant will then train the team on how to utilize these tools to measure capacity and build a training and mentoring program that addresses the identified capacity gaps.

Your Tasks:

The Expert is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Review the Libyan context of women CSOs and women leaders and develop a capacity strengthening methodology fitting for this context for both women CSOs and women leaders (in governance).
  2. Develop a capacity assessment process/cycle with baseline, mid-term and end-line milestones and indicators to measure change and tools for assessment for CSOs and women leaders. The tools are expected to either be one tool that is flexible to be used with both CSOs and women leaders or two different tools, one for each. This needs to take into consideration that the team might implement this through face to face workshops or online means due to covid-19. The process and tools need to be participatory and flexible and based on guided self-assessment methods/approaches.
  3. Train the project team on how to implement the capacity assessment tool(s) to measure capacity and build a training and mentoring program that addresses the identified capacity gaps.
  4. General recommendations on the types of capacity strengthening interventions that would be best suited to strengthen the capacity of the CSOs and women leaders that will be identified during the assessments.


  1. Outline and workplan detailing how the expert proposes to produce the capacity strengthening process and assessment tools with clear deadlines.
  2. Capacity strengthening assessment process/cycle and tools for the various entities (CSOs and leaders)
  3. Online training of project staff on the tools.

Required Language of the deliverables:

The data collection work will be conducted in Arabic language and all materials to be submitted to DRI and Jusoor will be expected in English.

Your Skills and Experience:


  • University degree in political science, international development, gender and development or other relevant fields;
  • At least six (06) years of demonstrable knowledge and experience in designing and implementing capacity strengthening for CSOs and government units and conducting capacity assessments.
  • Demonstrable knowledge on Libya and the situation of women empowerment and gender equality in Libya;
  • Strong remote facilitation skills,
  • Knowledge and experience with women CSOs work in Libya desired;
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English;
  • Ability to write in a clear, concise and accessible manner;
  • Commitment to involving vulnerable and marginalized groups of a population, especially marginalized women.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please send your application (a max of 3 page technical and financial proposal including a concept note outlining how you propose to conduct this consultancy with a profile of the expert and a short CV in English) to [email protected]. Please include “Capacity Strengthening Methodology Expert” in the subject line and refer to the source where you have found this opportunity. Please note that applicants who do not submit both a technical and financial offer will not be considered.

Applying for this position by post mail is possible, please find our address details below.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2021. The position may be filled before the deadline has been reached, so early applications are encouraged.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

DRI is committed to diversity and does not discriminate in employment based upon gender (including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability, socio-economic status, or any other status protected by the laws in the locations where we operate.

Organisation responsible for this vacancy:

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