Call for Tender for Travel Services

Call for Tender for Travel Services

Deadline: postmarked no later than 25 November 2016


Contracting Authority:                 Democracy Reporting International gGmbH

Nature of contract:                        Travel services

Service Time Frame:                     From the date of signature till 31.12.2017

Maximum budget:                          approx. EUR 130.000,00

Payment Currency:                        EUR (All payments will be made in EUR)


  1. About Democracy Reporting International

Democracy Reporting International gGmbH (DRI) is a nonpartisan, independent, not-for-profit international organization registered in Berlin, Germany. This tender for services has been called to provide the travel services for its project staff and short term consultants within Europe and internationally.

  1. Description of the services required:

The selected travel agency will provide corporate travel services that include air ticketing for international travels.

  1. Contents of this Tender Document:

The document consists of the annexes indicated below, and should be read in conjunction with any Addendum that may be issued by DRI.

Annex I:               Terms of Reference

Annex II:              Proposal Submission Form

Annex III:            Proposer Information Form

Annex IV:            Technical & Financial Proposal Form

Annex V:             Criteria for Technical and Financial Evaluation

Annex VI:            Financial Proposal Submission Form

  1. Disclaimer:

The submission for this tender document does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise.

  1. Submission of Proposal:

Completed tender document with original signed cover letter should be submitted via courier/post, in a sealed envelope clearly marked with “Tender – Travel Servicesto the following address:

Katrina Lampert

Democracy Reporting International gGmbH

Prinzessinnenstr. 30, 10969 Berlin

  1. Deadline for submission of tender document:

Tender documents must be postmarked no later than 25 November 2016. Tender received after the deadline shall not be considered. Documents sent by e‐mail or fax shall not be accepted.

  1. Submission of Queries for Clarifications:

Any requests for clarification about the contents of the tender document shall be sent no later than 14 November 2016 to the following email address: [email protected] DRI will endeavour to provide response/ clarification expeditiously; any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date. DRI will share the clarification response with all the tenderers. Proposals with incomplete submissions may be rejected.

  1. Award procedure

Only those tenders complying with the technical proposal as outlined in point 12 “Structure of the Proposal” and submitted by the established deadline as outlined in point 7 will be considered for the evaluation. The evaluation criteria is attached as ANNEX V.

  1. Award criteria:

The contract will be awarded on best value for money basis.

  1. Operational language

Written communications for this proposal may be in English or German. 

  1. Structure of Proposal:

The proposal should be structured in the following way: 1) Proposal submission form; 2) Proposer information form; 3) Technical and Financial Proposal; 4) Financial Proposal Submission Form.

  1. Additional information

Submitting an offer implies acceptance by the tenderer of all terms and conditions of this document and its annexes.

  1. Confidentiality

The entire evaluation procedure is confidential.

15. Notification of Award:

The successful tenderer will be informed in writing that its tender has been accepted.


Annex-I – Terms of Reference

Air Ticketing Services:

  1. Handle ticketing requests sent by e-mail or phone call from authorised representative of DRI;
  2. Reservations shall be made in Economy class. Above Economy class may only be quoted provided that no seats are available and issue air ticket only after authorized person’s approval from Democracy Reporting International;
  3. Itineraries shall be presented in English and where possible, with three itinerary options indicating the times of departure/arrival (always local time) with a price including fare + taxes and the deadline for issuing the ticket;
  4. Flexible tickets, especially for long flightsor flights in unstable countries, should be proposed if the price difference is minor.
  5. Reservations are to be kept on hold for the maximum period the airlines are offering;
  6. Confirm reservations, issue and deliver air tickets;
  7. The travel agency shall provide services from Monday to Friday 0900 Hrs – 1800 Hrs and should ensure response with itinerary within four hours after request
  8. The travel agency shall provide emergency services outside regular working hours through a 24-hour, phone number, available to Democracy Reporting International;
  9. All DRI authorised DRI representatives should be allowed to use the emergency services.
  10. The travel agency shall be capable of accepting payments through bank transfer after receiving original invoice; Payments of services provided shall be released within (30) thirty days after submission and acceptance of invoices; and original supporting documentation;
  11. All travel agency personnel providing services under this contract shall be proficient in English.
  12. Travel agency should have a partnership with the CO2 offsetting company Atmosfair.


Annex II  Tender Submission Form

(To be printed on company letterhead, signed, dated and stamped)




Katrina Lampert

Democracy Reporting International gGmbH

Prinzessinnenstr. 30, 10969 Berlin

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  030 27877300


Subject:                               Submission of Tender for Provision of Travel Services


We, the undersigned, apply for the subjected tender and declare that:


(a) We have examined and have no reservations to the tender documents, including any Addendum (or Addenda to the same effect), issued by the Democracy Reporting International gGmbH (DRI) in accordance with Instructions to Applicants.

(b) We understand that you may cancel the tendering process at any time, informing all providers that had been invited to submit a bid. We understand that our proposal may not be considered if it does not comply with the requirements outlined in the Call for Tenders.

(c) The following information shall be used by Democracy Reporting International to notify us:


Name of Designated Person:

Postal Address:



Official Email:


Best regards,


Signature of an authorized representative(s) of the Agency





Annex III  Proposer Information Form

 (Note: Please complete this section in full)

About the Company/Firm:

Registered Name:
IATA Registration Number:
Company Address with telephone / email:
Proposer’s Authorized Representative:

(Name/Designation/ Address/ Tel/Cell, Fax/ Email)

Branch Offices/address (if any):


Annex-IV  Technical & Financial Proposal Form

Technical Proposal:


Please provide detailed organizational profile, total year of experience in the business.


Details of your operational office in Germany, address, telephone, fax, email, designated contact person for DRI;


Please elaborate if your firm can provide 24 hour services, the designated person in office and after office hours, access through cell phone, email etc. the designated person should be proficient in the English language;


Please note your average response time after receiving a request/communication from client.


Annexes (IATA Registration Certificate; Handelsregister; USt-ID Nummer; certificate of cooperation with CO2 offsetting company, etc.)


Financial Proposal:

Please provide three price quotations for the following connections:

Travel Date:       10 January, 2017

Return Date:     17 January, 2017

  • Marseille – Yangon – Marseille;                 Economy class
  • Berlin – Islamabad – Berlin;                                Economy class


  1. All ticket prices must be final with all charges included;
  2. All itineraries must include GDS printout.


Annex –V Criteria for Evaluation of Technical & Financial Proposals

S# Technical Proposal Evaluation: Maximum Marks
1. Organizational Profile, total years of relevant experience in field since inception of business operations as registered travel agent

(1 mark per year, max marks for 15 years plus experience)

2. Fully Operational Offices in Germany


3. Provision of 24/7/365 days services:

5 Marks – for established office hours;

10 Marks – after hours

4. Responsiveness with itinerary within four hours after request 10
5. Certificates:

·         IATA Registration Certificate (1 Mark)

·         Handelsregister (1 Mark)

·         USt-ID Nummer (1 Mark)

·         Certificate of cooperation with CO2 offsetting company (2 Marks)

  Sub-Total Technical Proposal Evaluation:

Only Firm, who secure 70% marks in technical evaluation will be qualified for financial evaluation.

  Financial Proposal Evaluation:  
7. Length of trip

·         For Example: Bidder A, B, C has quoted 10hrs, 14hrs and 24hrs respectively. So, calculation would be:

For A: 10/10×25 = 25.00 Marks

For B: 10/14×25 = 17.86 Marks

For C: 10/24×25 = 10.42 Marks


8. Lowest Financial Proposal/ Proposal Under Review x 25 =


·         The lowest will get full 25 marks and the rest will get proportionate marks as per their financial offer in relation to the lowest bid submitted;

·         For Example: Bidder A, B, C has quoted 395, 412 and 453 respectively. So, calculation would be:

For A: 395/395×25 = 25.00 Marks

For B: 395/412×25 = 23.96 Marks

For C: 395/453×25 = 21.79 Marks


Sub-Total Financial Proposal Evaluation: 50
Total Marks: 100

Annex –VI
Financial Proposals Submission Form

S# Travel Sector Carrier Economy Itinerary 1 Economy Itinerary 2 Economy Itinerary 3
1 Marseille – Yangon–Marseille
2 Berlin – Islamabad – Berlin


Important Note: Please provide print-outs of GDS for all reservations otherwise it will not be treated as valid.


All ticket prices must be final with all charges included.

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