Call for expression of interest from Libyan women civil society organisations

Call for Expression of Interest

from Libyan Women CSOs to take part in the capacity development component of the Fa’ela: Tapping into Women’s Full Potential in Libya’s State Building Efforts project

The “Fa’ela” project is an EU and Embassy of Canada funded project implemented during the period from mid-June 2020 to mid-December 2022. Fa’ela aims to enhance women’s role in decision making and effective participation in public life in Libya through engaging women civil society organisations (CSOs) and women leaders in joint initiatives and fostering an enabler network that seeks to enhance women’s engagement in social, political and economic life.

This is based on Fa’ela’s vision that if women CSOs and women leaders have better technical and organisational capacity, are better connected and coordinating with other CSOs and female decision-makers, and are supported by respected and influential Libyan figures, then these women CSOs and women leaders will engage more in public life and encourage other women to do so. This will contribute to the effective participation of women in public life in Libya.

In this context, the Fa’ela project team is pleased to invite Libyan women’s organisations to submit their expression of interest to participate in the capacity development component for women organisations which will run for six months to one year from August 2021 to August 2022.

Eligibility Criteria:

In addition to ensuring principles of transparency, equality, justice, participation, and geographical and cultural representation in Libya, the project team will select 20 Libyan civil society organisations based on the following criteria:

    • being registered with the Civil Society Commission as a not-for-profit organisation, operating inside Libya.
    • knowledge of the local context, existing networks and relations of trust within the communities, track record of good working relationships with women and men of the community and of supporting women. This will be evaluated based on the following:
      • Three years of operation in the field of gender, substantiated by previous reports.
      • List of partners they have worked with over the past 2 years.
      • CVs of two leading members of the organisation.
      • Final reports of projects that were implemented in the past 2 years.
      • Description of ongoing projects/activities and possible synergies.
      • Contacts of two references from donors or other CSOs.
    • application documents will include the mission and vision of the organisation and a cover letter that details their motivation to participate in the programme.
    • geographical distribution and their work with marginalised groups of women (these will not serve as exclusionary criteria but rather as an opportunity to score higher).

Please fill in the application in this link to apply before 31 July 2021.

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